Thank you for coming to learn a little more about me! My name is Cait and I am a tech editor for knitting patterns.

I recently completed a tech editing course during which I edited everything from simple sock and shawl patterns to more complex set-in sleeve patterns. Since completing the course, I’ve worked on various projects from baby patterns to accessories to adult garments. I’ve had several repeat requests for editing from designers and have had very positive feedback on my editing style.

I am very comfortable with either charts or written directions. I don’t currently have the software to create a chart from written directions but I can create written instructions from charts. I also have no issue cross-checking one against the other, and it is a standard part of my editing.

I can edit in .doc, .docx or PDF; it’s entirely up to you! I use a PDF annotating program and a graphics tablet for my edits. This has proved, thus far, to be the most concise way to provide editing to my clients. How to share files is also something that is entirely up to you, though usually it seems most people deal by email or DropBox; I’m entirely flexible!

Unless the garment is extremely complex, I have a one week turn-around and I work on a per-pattern basis at the moment. Though I’m comfortable with editing, I’m still working to increase my clientele base; I also like to double-check all my work since I’m still gaining experience. Charging by the pattern, rather than by the hour, gives my clients a fair price and lets me take my time to ensure the design is the best version it can be.

I’ll also add that I am generally quite quick to respond to questions or concerns. If for some reason there is an issue that needs designer-approval prior to continuation, I contact the designer right away. Since I only charge on a per pattern basis, this doesn’t affect the cost of editing.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration! Please feel free to contact me at seecaitknit(@t)gmail(d0t)com.

Cait Livingston

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